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Space 1999 page 15 by davidhueso Space 1999 page 15 by davidhueso
Space 1999 aftershock

Pencils and colors me
script Andrew Gaska
copyrights Blam ventures / Archaia comics

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littleblakkitty Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010
We have the very 1970s Gerry Anderson feel with the decor, turtlenecks and such but then we see a contemporary cel phone.
What a time warp! We are in 2010, expanding upon a 1976 vision of 1999!
davidhueso Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
hmm what a great eye for detail you have , i havnt though about it actually...
lets blame this one on the writer should we ?

littleblakkitty Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010
I'm surprised this comic isn't getting more hype. Maybe it will further down the road. It really deserves attention from fans of the show. It's unique in how much it expands the Space: 1999 universe to show life on Earth. That was something we didn't see much of in the original run of the series.
Of course, I'm only able to judge based on the visuals. Hopefully the story will be equally awesome as the art!

The phone really caught my attention because it makes the "Comlock" communicators they used on Alpha seem big and clunky (which they were).
davidhueso Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Well i had give that some thought too , the comic was officially presented to the public on
the last Space 1999 Con by Andrew Gaska , there it caught the attention of all the fans
inmediatly , they were really glad of the series rebirth ( if this works most probably we will have
a tv series like the new dr who on our hands , fingers crossed ) so the hype is there but not showing on the web.
Plus we have signed the whole series with Archaia wich is one of the bigger European book publisher that
is in the US. i have read the script of the 3 first issues and is great, with many locations that dosnt appear
on the series ( wich opens the universe greatly, yay new locations to paint ! )and great new characters plus cameos of the old ones. Since the old characters will be developed on a alternative comic book Space 1999 Alphaprove this one will be used to explore what happen on the side of the story that wasnt untold by the official series.

I have talked with Andrew gaska ( the writter ) about your suggestion on the cellphone and we agree that shouldnt be like that , so we will come with a new design more like the 80"s chunky cells.

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July 25, 2010
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